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Today’s lecture was centered around Post Graduate Courses and PGCE.

Currently, I am enrolled onto the MDes Graphic Design Course and after listening to the discussion it made me think more about why I chose to enroll onto this specific course and what I think I will achieve from this qualification.

My main reason for choosing the course was to gain a qualification higher than the main intake of designers so that I stand out from other applicants when later applying for jobs. This was important to me as being two years older than the usual academic cohort I want to show that yes I may have taken just slightly longer to reach graduation but that I have achieved more during that time.

Another big plus for me was that the MDes course has funding provided with it. By moving onto the Master's qualification in this way I am eligible for the funding support whereas if I had chosen to complete a BA and then move onto a Masters course separately I would have had to self fund the last academic year.

However, there are some possible disadvantages of choosing this qualification such as it taking another year for me to reach graduation and integrate into the industry fully. I appreciate that the course is very industry focussed so this will not be too impactful in terms of skills and knowledge development, only having a consequence by not allowing me to support myself financially until a year later.

So overall, I believe I am on the right academic path to lead me to a successful career with the advantage of a higher qualification, longer in academia to help develop my skills with the added bonus of funding support while I study.

One thought I did have during the lecture today was if it would benefit me to do an additional qualification such as a PGCE. Would this allow me to apply for a more diverse range of jobs in the future? Could it be a way to support myself financially while I build my design practice? Or does this qualification, and time commitment that comes with it, run the risk of detracting from my current career path?

I would need to find out more about the time commitment a PGCE would take and speak to people who have been through the qualification to hear their opinions on any career advantages or disadvantages before making a decision.

Since gaining an allotment back in February I have met Elaine & Julia, aka The Potty Plotters as featured on BBC Radio Derby ( This week Elaine approached me about potentially working with them to create a logo and some other design work ahead of an event they are organising and, articles they will be publishing in Kitchen Garden Magazine in the coming weeks and months.

I said that I would definitely be interested so we will be meeting up soon to have a chat through what they would like help with from a design point of view and how I can get involved.

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