Professional Practice - Blog Five

Updated: May 9, 2019

Over the next few weeks, I will be leading a creative team of six, including myself, in a project titled ‘The Bird House’. The group has been put together and has a great mix of skills as it is made up of Adam an Animator, April, and Joel who are Illustrators and Charlotte, Connor and Myself who are Graphic Designers.

The aim of the project is to “create a creative intervention” at one or more of the Derby University’s campuses with the purpose of communicating “the project a provocative, amusing or visually exciting way.”

To begin we sat down as a group to introduce ourselves and get to know each other by discussing who we are, what we have done, skills we possess as well as our favourite memory and most embarrassing moment. This was a very useful task as I felt it allowed for the opportunity to get to know my classmates Charlotte and Connor better but sharing information about ourselves with humour added into the mix was a great first step when beginning to build up a working relationship with someone new.  

Moving on we went on to describe the initial thoughts that had come to mind from the title of the project before any other creative exploration had taken place. With these ideas on the table, we then went away over the weekend to develop ideas and create initial visual material.    


Going into this project as a team leader I was keen to create good levels of communication and interaction from the beginning mainly because there were people in the group that I and others do not see on a day to day basis or had worked with previously. To succeed in this I planned to; have regular meetings, divide tasks into small parts, communicate in between group meetings, plus create a Google Drive shared folder so all members of the team can access and share documents easily to help with project efficiency.  

This week I have made progress with my professional development as I applied and was accepted onto the University of Derby’s Internship Programme for 2019. I received a phone call the day after submitting the application from a member of the team inviting me to an interview for the role of Web Design Intern and asked if I would like to attend an interview on Thursday 14th March. I am really looking forward to meeting the team to have a conversation about the job role to find out more about the tasks I could get involved with and ultimately the skills I could develop from working with them this summer.

Another positive aspect of this phone call is; the time I have recently put into assessing the skills I have and highlighting them within my CV seems to have been beneficial.  The team member has been able to identify not only my transferable but also my specific skills and match these to a role within their current collection. So although I have not heard back in regards to the Cosmopolitan Scholarship as of yet, this time has been well spent and has led to new opportunities. Fingers crossed the interview goes well so I can tick off my skills based goal for the summer well ahead of time.

You can find out more information about the University of Derby's Internship Programme for 2019 from the following link:

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