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Updated: May 3, 2019

This week I went through the process of applying for a Scholarship with Cosmopolitan Magazine.  The process of creating a cover letter and CV was a fantastic opportunity to be able to assess the skills that I have.  The ones that make me individual but importantly stand out from the many other applicants.

A skill is defined as an ability which is either naturally occurring or acquired through practice.  Generally speaking we build and develop skills throughout our lives through experiences, education or the repeated practice of them in practical exercises.  

Skills can be categorised as either transferable or specific.  The difference being those which are able to be adapted to multiple situations which make them transferable or those which are unique to certain situations or experiences which classify them as specific.

I identified my transferable skills as being; communication, time management, good at working with people of all ages and a quick learner.

More importantly the specific skills I identified as having included being able to use equipment such as large format printers, laser cutters and screen printers as well as having experience using three different website design platforms and more specialist CAD modelling software.  

Completing the Scholarship application also provided me with the opportunity to reflect on what skills I have developed and the ways I have acquired them. It also enabled me to identify where there were gaps in my skills and knowledge, areas for me to develop and grow in ability.  It was good to stop and take time to think about my skills generally, as there are areas where I feel capable and confident, but others where I know I need to focus and improve in the future.

I think it is important to take up opportunities that come your way but also to go out and create them for yourself.  Not all are necessarily right for you either and this is something I am very aware of. It’s important to weigh up the time and effort against the skills, knowledge and importantly connections you may gain if you do take up the offer.

At this stage I do not have a set career path in mind however what I know I would like is to have the opportunity to experience design across a spectrum, be it clients or projects. The reason for this is because it is where I believe exciting opportunities and therefore creative challenges will occur most often.  Two organisations I would like to have the privilege of being able to work with include;


For me the appeal of working in a company such as Katapult is down to the wide variety of both clients and projects they play a part in. Looking at the portfolio on their website it is very clear that they work across a very broad spectrum of design from traditionally bound books for Dubai based hotels to a giant train track installation and everything in between.  

Immediate Media Co

The intriguing aspect of Immediate Media Co’s approach is they “only focus on special interest markets” this makes them stand out from the crowd in terms of the larger Graphics and Design industry however they are by no means missing out when it comes to their impact. Boasting an impressive nineteen million consumers, provided with content by their one thousand, three hundred employees they are a large organisation who have a multi-platform model for handling there array of projects.  What I like about this is the fact that although there are in essence four separate sections within the company they are all housed under one organisation allowing for larger and more complex projects to be worked on as a whole. In other situations it may be necessary to share workload between companies however the advantage of having this as one system, from my perspective, is there would be plenty of experts around you from who to learn from. Not only this, with such a large portfolio opportunities to diversify skills or specialise within the industry would be more accessible in this type of company.  (see link for further details regarding Immediate’s approach

At the end of this week I took the Type Dynamic Indicator test.  The personality outcome I received was ‘Inspector’ which is made up from the classifications of: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging.  Reading further into the results the test listed my characteristics as; careful, thoughtful, systematic, outwardly composed, dependable, loyal, precise, responsibilities taken care of and working steadily & systematically.

This test was really insightful and provided me with a completely different way to describe myself and my attributes.  These key points from the results could really help to provide the person reading my application with a deeper insight into my personality if I was to include them.  

Moving forward I aim to do some research to see if I can find other scholarships or internships for summer 2019.

I will also strive to discuss my work with the people I meet to make sure I’m maximising the opportunities I may be able to have through the connections I make.  I will also ensure that I have recent work on my website so that I can respond quickly to showcase my visual work to any interest or enquiries that I have.

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