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Updated: May 17, 2019

The Careers and Employment Service at The University of Derby held a Design Connections Event today at Bridge Street. The day began with registration at ten o’clock and a welcome talk. There was then the opportunity to rotate around tables to attend three sessions from a range of different speakers.  

For session one I was sat on Table Two with the speakers Keith Cox and Bradley Richards from Bloc Digital as well as Tilley Bancroft, director of Red Door Studios.

It was fantastic to hear from Bradley, a Derby University Graduate, to find out more about his transition into a local creative business and the wider creative sector.

It was interesting to see that although Tilley and, Keith and Bradley work within different areas of the industry, animation and VR technology, there were many overlaps between their working styles.  All of them expressed a need to control working hours and expectations of clients when working in a freelance capacity especially, agreeing that hours can easily run over.

Keith also spoke briefly regarding the interview process and how he selects candidates.  A top priority for him is enthusiasm and having a creative side whether linked to the specific job role or not.

On my second rotation, I was sat on table number eight, where Drew Taylor of Future Proof Films and Shannon Watson from Crocstar were based.

Both Drew and Shannon completed internships during their studies so they spoke about how they developed strong working relationships and how it is important to maintain these for future job opportunities; with Shannon explaining how she now works as a Content Producer for the company, she initially interned for.  

The final rotation I made was to Table Four where Rebecca Alton from David Nieper was speaking on the topic of ‘Skills in demand - Marketing & Graphic Designer roles in the Fashion Industry’ ( As a HR Officer, she had lots of tips to pass on as to how to stand out to succeed in gaining a job after graduation.  

Emphasis was placed on creating an attractive and personal CV when applying for jobs; seeing specific but most importantly transferable skills that applicants have was what she said was key to a great CV.  Second on Rebecca’s wish list was being able to gain a feel of the applicant's personality because through this she can infer if they will be able to integrate with the existing team, to maintain the workplace productivity and atmosphere. One of the ways Rebecca said this could be achieved was by including colour or even a small amount of imagery, but most importantly she values a tailored cover letter and a concise CV no longer than two sides.

I was pleased to hear Rebecca Alton’s opinion on CVs because having recently reviewed my CV I believe I have met all those same elements she spoke about including; colour, highlighting skills and a concise layout.

I chose to add some green text to identify the different sections of my CV as well as key information. I also worked to create a layout which features a skill list on the top right of the first page so, both my transferable and specific skills can be quickly identified to anyone skim reading.

What the discussion did make me think about is if there was any more information I could add to help portray my personality further. I would not like to include images as I feel this could run the risk of making the document look less professional and more amateurish, however adding a few lines to my personal statement could be of benefit.  

I think once I have completed the Web Design Internship this summer I will sit down to review my CV again, add in my latest experience and possibly build on my personal statement.  

More information about Bloc Digital, Red Door Studios, Crocstar and Future Proof Films can be found here:,,,  

Over the last two weeks, I have worked to produce three draft presentation plans ready for the group to make a decision on which approach we will take for the final Presentation.  I wanted to provide some choice with the format by drafting a fully narrated version as well as a plan for a more traditional presentation and an adapted version from our Pitch Presentation.  

Hopefully, we can debate the pros and cons of each of these and come to a conclusion in the next team meeting, ready for final preparations to begin.  

The webpage Connor has been working on has developed further ready for the final presentation. Research work and a set of facts need to be collected by Charlotte so Connor can experiment more with how to display this information in a creative, eye-catching way. This work is key because the purpose of the webpage is to engage the audience through the use of energy information to then stimulate them to want to save energy and without this, I fear the impact will be lost.  

For the project to stay on track, I will be chasing up team members this week to see how they are progressing with their individual tasks and to see if they need any support from other members of the team.  

Team Task Progress

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